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Looking for a way to effectively control the temperature of your conservatory?

Conservatories are commonly known for there extreme temperature changes in summer / winter months, This is because conservatories lose or gain heat 8 times quicker than the conventional brick walls.

How can we help?

New heat pump features means our new units can now be used for heating or cooling to give you a total solution for climate control. Our fan assisted indoor units help circulate air in the room providing an even spread of temperature across the room, making these units perfect for conservatories where you need a unit to react quickly to sudden temperature changes.

​Thanks to inverter technology our units now come with an A++ rating and can offer a 4:1 co-efficiency rating on heating , meaning for every 1kw of energy consumed you get 4 kw of heating back ! So not only does this unit work better than conventional radiators it can save you money on heating bills.

Redesigned with a new sleek look and wider choice of options including high wall, low wall, cassette, mirrored and framed units these heat pumps  wouldn’t look out of place in designer homes or on feature walls. Our units can be controlled by remote or hard wired controls with the later units also offering wifi connectivity and smart app compatibility.

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